Height 6'0"
Chest 38"
Waist 32"
Collar 15.5"
Suit 39R
Sleeve 33"
Inseam 32"
Shoe 10 US
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Hazel
A true citizen of the world being raised between Hawaii and Virginia Beach, Chris Schortgen has spent the last 8 years traveling the world modeling, acting, and learning priceless lessons throughout the journey. With eyes that have seen such amazing ways of life he has also witnessed those most in need of a fair chance. With the disproportionate availability of clean water in the world Chris created NY based non-profit 100 For All as a means to bring sustainable clean water solutions to those who deserve a fair chance at life. 100 For All brings a fresh approach to charity by making it effortless for us to help ourselves while helping others through their amazing events and flagship product “100 Luxury Water.” 100 Luxury Water is the perfect combination of high fashion appeal and a humanitarian heart which perfectly embodies Chris’s journey to help end the worlds number 1 issue. 100 For All is a movement and not just a company, that realizes that water is a luxury that most of us have never had to work for and we can all be part of the solution to help our fellow humans that lack this basic necessity of life because we ALL deserve a chance. 100 For All

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